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PODCAST: Would Your Kids Do THIS If Home Alone During Home Invasion?

by Vanessa Ryan

A 13-year-old Utah girl was home babysitting her younger sister when due to her quick thinking she stopped a home invasion.Kylee Newell and her sister hid inside a closet in their home when two intruders broke in, and she immediately called 911 and that may have saved their lives.

Robert Keith Paul and Amy Nichole Hulse entered the home through a side door and then began searching all the rooms,even entering into the room where Kylee and her sister were hiding, but didnt know the girls were in there.

When officers arrived on scene, they saw the suspects leaving the home and getting into a car. They caught up with them a few hundred feet away and made the arrests.

They believe it was a random robbery.


Shivers. Goose bumps. Scary. Please talk to your children about what they would do in this situation using this audio as a guide as to what to do. Stay calm and don't worry family pets until the danger has passed. Also, advice from officers contacting our show this morning...remind your children that they will not hear sirens as help arrives as officers do not want suspects to know they are arriving.

~BS and Vanessa