Companion of the Week

Every week Mary Kirlin from the Marathon County Humane Society showcases the "Companion of the Week"!

This Week's Companion:

The Companion of the Week


Hey there! My name's Adrian, what's yours? My story is a bit of a mystery, all I know is I was out for a stroll one minute and in the back of a cop car the next, then ended up here and wouldn't you know nobody claimed me. I know! I couldn't believe it either but oh it's all water under the bridge because I'm on the lookout for a new family. I absolutely love, love, love everyone and am such a happy, cuddly kitty that I know I'd be the perfect addition to anyone's home! So that's it, you must come see me down here at HSMC, and did I mention I love everyone? Alright it's settled then, see you soon!!


7001 Packer Dr.
Wausau, WI 54401


(715) 845-2810