WDEZ Cash Machine

WDEZ Cash Machine

The WDEZ Cash Machine is a great way to win some extra holiday spending cash!

You have an opportunity to win between $1 and $1000. Listen to play starting Thursday, October 24. To get the chance to play, be caller 9 during your four chances to win every weekday at 8:20am, 11:20am, 1:20pm, and 3:20pm!


The Cash Machine will count up increasing dollar amounts starting at $1 and going to a possible $1000! But the Cash Machine could crash at any time! You can stop the Cash Machine by yelling "STOP!" and if you do, you win the most recently listed dollar amount. If the Cash Machine crashes before you stop it, you win nothing at all!

The WDEZ Cash Machine is a sickly-fickle beast, be careful with it to avoid walking away with nothing!


Thursday, 10/24

8:20am Judy won nothing... could have won $150

11:20am Kim Reed won $120... could have won $420

1:20pm Tim won nothing.... could have won $60

3:20pm Steven won $100... could have won $270

Friday, 10/25

8:20am Lyn won $150... could have won $520

11:20am Dee won nothing... could have won $20

1:20pm Patrick won $150... could have won $220

3:20pm Russ won $250... could have won $290

For more information, please view the official contest rules.