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Winning And Losing And What You Learn

by Tom King

The Wausau East Lumberjack and Mosinee hockey team members are hurting right now. Their seasons came to abrupt ends last night in the win-or-go-home regionals. Rhinelander upset Mosinee 1-0 and Lakeland held off East 2-1. It goes to show what a hot goaltender can do in a one game playoff.

Earlier this season Mosinee beat Rhinelander 7-0 and Lakeland knocked off East 5-1. Last nights games didnt resemble those at all. Jacob Arno had 33 saves for the Hodags as Rhinelander was out-shot 33-15...Alex Moustakis had 47 saves for the Thunderbirds as East outshot them 48-22.

So, what do the players take from this. Well, I would say that they have learned that life isnt always fair...that hard work doesnt always lead to reward...that there is dignity in defeat if you handle it correctly. As a competitor I would much rather be involved in a close game even if I lose than in a blowout win. There is no joy in victory if you havent experienced the sting of defeat. That's an old cliche but its certainly true. 

As I broadcast the East-Lakeland game last night i couldnt help but be struck by how entertained I was. We who do the games can get jaded sometimes...but as East peppered Mostakis with shot after shot and he kept making save after save I could barely catch my breath. Both teams were spent at the end...and that is how every game should be. 

You can check out the entire scoreboard elsewhere on this web site.

Also congrats to Merrill & Witt/Birn...heading to the State Team Wrestling Tournament with sectional wins yesterday. For Witt/Birn it is their first trip to State.

Team USA will face the Czech Republic today in mens hockey.Game time is 11 am our time.

The Bucks got seven threes from Caron Butler and a big shot from Nate Wolters late in a victory over Orlando. They host Denver on Thursday.

Songs Of The Day  (from my I-pod)

Modern Love-David Bowie (1983) a top 5 hit from the Let's Dance album. He said this tune was inspired by Little Richard and the album led to a very successful "Serious Moonlight" tour.

Modern Times-Al Stewart (1975) Stewart was an English contemporary of Bowie who hit a little later in America. This is the title track from the 6th album of excellent tunes that was much bigger in Britain than here. It took "Year of The Cat" to break Stewart here.