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The Importance Of A Quarterback...A Good Quarterback

by Tom King

As the NFL heads to the opening of the regular season there are a number of teams who are already playing for next year. They will say all the right things about "battling" every week and "having a chance if the defense improves"...but it all comes down to the one guy on the field that determines if your team has a chance to go to a Super Bowl or is an afterthought before the season starts. That position is, of course, quarterback. There is no question that teams like Green Bay, Seattle, San Francisco, New Orleans, Atlanta and the Giants , Baltimore, New England & Denver are all legitimate threats to win it all because of the men under center (or in many case in the pistol). RG3, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck and Matt Stafford could also be effective again

Now lets look at the teams that have no chance. It starts with the Jets and the Bills. Geno Smith has been ineffective as he learns the pro game and Mark Sanchez is who he is at this point and now he's hurt as well. New Bills coach Doug Marrone thought he could run his new offense with rookie EJ Manuel but now he's hurt as well and his backup Kevin Kolb may have to retire because of concussions. That leaves undrafted free agent Dan Tuel to start the opener. Good luck with that. Buffalo is so desperate that they signed Matt Leinert this week.

Other teams with no shot in my mind include Jacksonville & Minnesota, Oakland & Tennessee

Now there will be guys who take a step forward this season like Russell Wilson & Colin Kapernick did last year. It's good to remember that many pundits thought Wilson wouldnt be able to play in the NFL...too short. Guys who may be primed to make that move include Andy Dalton & Ryan Tannenhill

You may have a great running back or a good defense...a solid O-line or big name coach...but without a top-flight quarterback...you aren't going anywhere.

This week's episode of "The Newsroom" was excellent. Aaron Sorkin can be a tool but when he's on...it's some of the best writing on tv.

This is the anniversary of the only meeting between Elvis & The Beatles . It happened in 1965.