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The Hammer Comes Down

by Tom King

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver did what he had to do yesterday. He brought the hammer down on LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling for his racist comments and banned him for life. The process has also begun to have the rest of the NBA owners move to bring the team up for sale. And make no mistake, deep pocketed folks will be lining up to buy this team. This was the first real test of the new commish and he passed with flying colors. With the team losing sponsors and fans...with the best players past and present weighing in with their disgust...with public opinion almost universally on the side of big punishment, Silver could not go with half measures and mealy-mouthed lawyer speak. Some have opined that Sterling will fight tooth and nail and will not sell the team without a protracted legal battle. I'm not so sure. He's got to be a realist at this point. He knows he's a pariah...he knows that no matter what happens he will never be welcomed back by the fans, players and other league owners...and as long as he remains the de-facto owner of the team, the worth of the team will fall. Or...he can sell the team and walk away with a huge profit and go live out his days surrounded by like-minded people and not have to deal with the folks he doesnt want to be around. Seems like a no-brainer...something Donald Sterling should be familiar with.

Also, those folks who say this is some kind of "slippery slope" and a violation of his first amendment rights...just stop. As someone posted yesterday...if you want to test out your first amendment rights...just walk down the hall at your place of business and utter a string of curses and racial epitaphs in front of customers and see how quick you get canned.

And the price of the team I see being bandied about is way low. If the Bucks sold for 550 million there is no way the Clippers are selling for less than 800 million and some have suggested maybe over a billion even in the conditions today. Boxer Floyd Mayweather is the latest to express interest in putting together a consortium to buy the team.

How about those Brewers??!!. They win in extras again after falling behind 3-0 and now lead the Cardinals by 6 1/2 games. Even with a make-shift lineup they found a way. Time to buy your tickets now for August and September games because even though its not yet May...it's hard to argue that those games won't mean something.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

My Life-Billy Joel (1978) a top five hit from the 52nd Street album featured Peter Cetera of Chicago on harmony vocals and was used as the theme song for the TV show "Bosum Buddies"

My Little Town-Simon & Garfunkel (1975) it became a reunion of the two that appeared on both of their solo albums . Simon wrote it but Garfunkel says the song was about his childhood. Some excellent lyrical imagery in this one