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The Fire Burns

by Tom King

For the second season in a row Carlos Gomez of the Brewers has found himself caught up in a controversy on how he plays the game. On Sunday he hit a long fly ball to deep center field and in the opinion of rookie pitcher Gerrit Cole of the Pirates admired the blast too long and flipped his bat before running the bases. Gomez says he thought it was an out and was mad at himself. it turned out to be a triple and Cole f-bombed at third base. Gomez responded and it should have ended there...but the Pirate dugout came running out. Travis Snider started throwing punches before he got knocked down by Martin Maldonado of the Brewers. Gomez had his helmet in his hand as he tried to defend himself which will probably cost him some games. Snider was also tossed as was Brewer bench coach Jerry Narron. Interestingly, Cole & Maldonado were not ejected. MLB will probably announce suspensions in the next few days but Gomez says, unlike last year, he will appeal any suspension he gets this time. He says that everyone knows his style and its rarely a problem. He also said a couple of the Pirates did the same thing he did earlier in the series and the Brewers didnt respond at all. As Brewer broadcaster and former player Bill Schroeder put it.."if pitchers responded every time a hitter did what Gomez did we would have three fights a game. My advice to Gerrit Cole and any other pitcher is that if you don;t want a hitter to admire his work...stop hanging pitches that can get blasted...get him out...until then shut the hell up. Oh yeah...the Brewers won the game in 14 innings on a Khris Davis homer

The Brewer-Pirate series had some interesting stuff. Ryan Braun and Khris Davis had big home runs. Mark Reynolds too...what a big signing that was . Martin Maldonado tore the cover off the ball...literally

These teams play alot this season.

RIP Reuben "Hurricane" Carter,,, falsely convicted of murder and spent over 20 years in prison...passed away over the weekend. The subject of a Dylan song and a Denzel movie.

Lots of upsets in the first games of the NBA playoffs. Brooklyn, Golden State, Atlanta and Washington all stole home court advantage.

High school baseball today...maybe? East at Tomahawk field condition permitting...East-West scheduled tomorrow also field conditions permitting.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

My Baby Don't Tolerate-Lyle Lovett (2003) title track from his first album of original material in 7 seven years. Here is a live version with his buddies Joe Ely and John Hiatt

My Back Pages-Byrds (1967) Nobody did Dylan songs like the Byrds. McGuinn's voice & jangly 12-string...Gene Clark & David Crosby's and Chris Hillman's harmonies...magic