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Taking A Ride With The Rides

by Tom King

Stephen Stills is taking some time off from CSN to front a blues-rock project with guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepard. The two have teamed with keyboardist Barry Goldberg(from the Electric Flag) in a band called 'The Rides".

They wanted their first album to be all original material but stills says they didnt have time to polish all of the new songs son the album "Can't Get Enough' will feature a few covers including the old Stooges song 'Search & Destroy and also "Word Game" a Stills rant on racism that appeared as an acoustic number on Stills II.

Shepard said that the three are committed to the band which will tour this fall and said they could begin work on a second album before the end of the year.

Here's a sample

The Packer brass must really think that Graham Harrell and BJ Coleman can't play. they signed Vince Young yesterday. Young didnt play at all last year. In his prime he could run and throw...maybe he can be useful as a scout teamer running the read-option against the Packer defense. Hoepfully we never have to find oout if he has anything left in real games.

His sponsors must love this...Tony Stewart was hospitalized after crashing at Southern Iowa Speedway . It was his second crash in the last couple of weeks at short track events. He was conscious as he was taken off on a stretcher.

High school football teams returned to the practice field yesterday. The first games are Friday August 23rd. We once again will have Wausau East and DC Everest games on Foxsports AM 1390 & FM 93.9.