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Sours Grapes With Some Truth Thrown In

by Tom King

I watched the Belmont Stakes on Saturday and like most everyone else was hoping to see the first Triple Crown winner since I was in college back in 1978. It wasnt to be. Tonalist won the race after not entering the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. And the Steve Coburn, one of the owners of California Chrome, who won the first two races, made it very clear how he felt about that. After the race he called the 'horses" ( and by that that I'm sure he meant the horses owners) who didnt enter all three races "cowards". He suggested that only horses that run the Kentucky Derby and Preakness should be eligible to run the Belmont Stakes. Sour grapes? Sure. As his trainer, Art Sherman put it "he was in the heat of the moment. Don't forget he's a fairly new owner. sometimes your emotions get in front of you. He hasnt been in the game long and hasnt had any bad luck" And it sure would have been better had he made his comments before his horse went out and finished fourth. But is he right? I don't profess to be an expert on horse racing but it seems to me that it is patently unfair to pick and choose which Triple crown race your horse will run in. If we are to consider winning the Triple Crown as the biggest achievement ever for a horse...doesnt it seem reasonable that only horses who participate in all three races should be allowed to run in those races? If Muhammed Ali was fighting for the heavy weight title against Jerry Quarry...he wouldnt want to see Joe Frazier coming out for the 4th round...and then a fresh George Foreman for round 7. I'm sure most horse racing people like the system the way it is and Coburn's comments will be swept aside...but it seems that if a owner can hold his horse for only the Belmont Stakes...the chances of seeing another Triple Crown winner seems unlikely...and as a casual fan...will I be watching next year?

The Woodchucks have won 4 in a row and the lineup they put on the field last night was a good one. This is a team can can be a serious contender this season and their recent pitching has, for the most part, been stellar as well. They host Duluth tonight and what a deal it is. $15 gets you a game ticket and all you can eat concessions. Of course you can also buy a regular ticket and on Mondays Seniors over 60, Members of the military and kids under 12 get in for half price. Of course, we will have the game on Foxsports AM1390 & FM 93.9 pre game at 6:20...first pitch at 6:35.

A great start for Yovanni Gallardo and the Brewers keep it rolling with a 1-0 win. they took 2 of 3 from Pittsburgh and have a day off today before playing three in New York against the Mets.

Songs Of The Day (this is the anniversary of Bruce Springsteen signing with Columbia Records in 1972...here are a couple of tracks from his first album "Greetings From Asbury Park", that featured the great David Sancoius as part of his band. When Clive Davis heard the record he said there wasnt a single so the Boss quickly wrote and recorded two songs that were destined to become classics...here they are

Blinded By The Light-Bruce Springsteen (1973)

Spirit In The Night-Bruce Springsteen (1973) one of my fave Bruce songs