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Same Old Same Old

by Tom King

The Green Bay Packers stayed on the sidelines yesterday as free agency began in the NFL. As a number of teams spent a ton of cash to attract new players, the Packers only move was to make a tender offer to linebacker Jamari Lattimore. The team was convinced they would lose Lattimore if they didnt make an offer. Earlier the team had resigned Sam Shields and have been talking to BJ Raji about a new deal.

Reports earlier had said that Ted Thompson would be a more active player in free agency this year in order to rebuild a defense that has struggled. A number of top defensive players did sign with new teams on Tuesday.

The Pack seems to be more interested in trying to keep their own players and are talking to people like Evan Dietrich-Smith although he is making a visit to Tampa Bay. Jermichael Finley and Andrew Quarless are also looking elsewhere and James Jones is on the radar of Detroit.

Many fans are already complaining that the big defensive names that could have helped the Packers this year are gone and that Thompson will be left, like he always is, to pick up the scraps. Others say that spending big money on free agents is a fools errand that rarely works out and the draft is the better way to rebuild. But with Aaron Rodgers battling injurys and getting older, it would seem the window to compete for Super Bowls is closing quickly...and being well under the salary cap while seemingly wasting Rodgers prime doesnt sit well with many. Look, the draft is a crap shoot too...cheaper but still...Ted, its time to roll the dice and take a shot at some new blood. It may work, it may not, but standing pat is not an option that's going to be embraced by most of Packer nation.

UW-Milwaukee earned a trip to the Big Dance last night as they beat Wright State 69-63 to win the Horizon League title.Its their first trip to the tournament in nine years.

The Bucks still have not won back to back games this year. They went off to an early lead but a bad 4th quarter allowed the Timberwolves to come back for a 112-101 win.

The Badger football team received an oral commitment from Andrew James, a WR from Fort Lauderdale Florida. He's a quick guy and is the 3rd commitment for 2015.

Songs Of The Day   (from my I-pod)

Moody River-John Fogarty(2009) Fogarty did another album of country and rockabilly covers called "The Blue Ridge Rangers Ride Again" and included this tune that Pat Boone took to #1 back in 1961. It's got a great guitar hook

The Moon Just Turned Blue-John David Souther (1979) one of the big guys of the country-rock revolution of the early 70's. Wrote or co-wrote many of the Eagles classics. Should have been a much bigger star than he was. Here is a slice of southern California country-rock from his  "Your'e Only Lonely" album.