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Life Intrudes On The Toy Department

by Tom King

We who work, even tangentially in the world of sports, know that what we do doesnt mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. Yes I know some people put the "fan" in fanatic and every Packer loss is a cause for much agonizing...but compared to Israel-Gaza or Iraq or the other tragedies that unfold at the top of the news every day...what happens in the world of sports is a side story. That's why when the real world intrudes on the bubble surround professional athletes it reminds them that all of the their talent and money and fan worship cannot stop bad things from happening. Milwaukee Brewer shortstop Jean Segura had his world come crashing down on Friday night when he learned of the death of his 9 month old son in the Dominican Republic. Segura has been struggling this season and the Brewers have been in meltdown mode for a couple of weeks. That became of little importance when Segura and the team got word of the death. Ironically the Brewers had their annual Family Day at Miller Park yesterday as the kids of the players and staff romped on the field before the game. Segura was long gone on his way to be with his family in the DR. When we he be back? Who knows...and at this point who cares. Hopefully he'll be back when he's come to grips with what's happened...then again...the game...with its routines and locker room insularity may be a big help for him in coping with this. We cheer for the exploits of our sports heroes and boo when they play badly or behave poorly. We know they make too much money and yet can't stop paying the freight that makes those salaries possible. And then we are reminded that these guys are human beings just like us with the same hopes and dreams for our families that can come crashing down in blink of an eye. Perspective can be a bitch sometimes.

The Brewers ended their skid on Sunday by pounding the Cardinals. They go into the break in first place and maybe with a sigh of relief. They return to action on Friday at Washington against the Nationals.

The Legion baseball season is winding down fast. Wausau Post 10 will host Antigo tonight at Athletic Park at 7pm. The regular season ends next week and the Regional tournament begins in Wausau on Wednesday July 23rd.

Post 10 had some interesting things happen over the weekend. They took 3-4 games including a doubleheader sweep of Neenah on Saturday. Luke Strick threw a no-hitter in Game 1 and the Bulldogs turned a 5-4-3- triple play in the first inning of Game 2.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

Night By Night-Steely Dan (1974) a great track from the Pretzel Logic album

Night Fever-Bee Gees (1977) you couldnt turn around in 1977 without hearing this polished gem ...title track to the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack