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Gm's Can't be Sentimental

by Tom King

The Milwaukee Brewers traded Nori Aoki yesterday and social media erupted in protest. Aoki had become a fan favorite in his two years in a Brewer uniform and fans were unhappy to see him go espcially for a guy they don't know alot about. Most casual fans don't keep up with knowing every player in both leagues so unless you are a serious fantasy baseball player chances are good you hadnt heard of Will Smith before. Smith, who was aquired in the trade for Aoki, is a 24 year old left-handed pitcher who throws a 91 MPH fastball along with a curve and change-up. He can start or relieve and has had good numbers in both AAA and the majors. He also has a salary that the Brewers will control for five years. But this deal wasnt made entirely for money reasons. The Brewers want to give Khris Davis a chance to play every day this season. He made a ok debut lasts season replacing the suspended Ryan Braun. The idea is that by moving Aoki that opens right field for Braun and Davis will play left, his natural position. Plus the Brewers main concern in this off-season is improving the pitching staff and replacing some of the bullpen guys that have left. Doug Melvin said he relalized that the fans won't like the deal because of their affection for Aoki but even Aoki knew he was porbably going to be the odd man out and wanted to play everyday which he will in Kansas City. Melvin, like Ted Thompson, and every other GM out there cannot be swayed by fan reaction in making deals...it's a big part of the job...pulling the trigger on unpopular deals if you believe it will help your team in the future.

The Packers still don't know if Aaron Rodgers can play on Sunday but one of his former team-mates is weighing in on the situation. Charles Woodson, who knows a thing or two about collarbone injuries, says Rodgers should shut it down for the year if the Packers lose on Sunday. Woodson broke his collarbone in the Packers Super Bowl win in 2012 and re-injured it the following season. He said he knows every player is different but he knows from experience that players should rely on medical scans on healing bones. Rodgers had such a scan earlier this week and the injury was not healed.

Madison will be a busy place this weekend. The Badger volleyball team is hosting a NCAA regional with North Carolina, California and UW-Milwaukee and the Badgers trying to advance. Games are tonight and tomorrow. The mens & womens hockey teams are in town...the men playing Penn State(you can hear the games on WSAU) and the women playing Bemidji State. And Bo Ryan's mens basketball team will take on Marquette Saturday afternoon trying to keep their unbeaten record intact. You can hear that game on WSAU tomorrow afternoon as well.

I'll have Wausau East boys basketball tonight as the Lumberjacks start the Valley Conference season at home with Stevens Point...live at 7:15

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

Midnight Shift-Buddy Holly (1956) maybe as risque a song as Holly ever did...this shows his rockabilly side and really gets gone!

Midnight Rocks-Al Stewart (1981) from his little appreciated album "24 Carrots" although the songs were good and the band was tight as usual. Here is that band featuring the excellent Peter White on acoustic guitar