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Contending Teams Need To Make Tough Decisions

by Tom King

The Brewers will be making a move to bolster the tired bullpen. They may have already made it as you read this. And unless they can find someone to place on the DL (Braun?) the team will be forced to release someone...and that someone will probably be Rule 5 pitcher Wei-Chun Wang. When a team keeps a Rule 5 pick on the major league roster out of spring training they have to keep them on the roster for the entire season or offer them back to the team they came from...in this case the Pittsburgh Pirates. And despite his struggles in limited work this season, the Pirates would take Wang back. The Brewers think Wang can be a good starting pitcher at the major league level some day...but that some day isnt now. And Milwaukee has found themselves in first place going into May and a chance to be a contender all season. They cannot afford to work with a short bullpen all season and Wang is the likely casualty. Some would like to see the team cut bait and release Rickie Weeks. Despite the fact that Weeks can only play 2nd base and his value as a hitter has fallen to the point that the team may be better off using Yovanni Gallardo as a pinch hitter, his massive salary makes it difficult to pull the trigger and say goodbye. The decision though is do you throw good money after bad by continuing to use Weeks while the team is contending? He's whats called a sunk cost at this point and even though its a hard pill to swallow...replacing him with someone more versatile and talented at this point would be the proper decision.

Did anyone look more like a ballplayer and fall as quickly as Rickie Weeks?

The LA Kings became only the 4th team in NHL history to come back from an 0-3 deficit and win a playoff series. They advanced over San Jose last night.

Another week of rain is playing havoc with the high school schedule. We'll see if any of the fields are playable for the games today. Foxsports radio has a DH scheduled...DC Everest at Wausau West and Wausau East vs Merrill.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

My Love-Paul McCartney & Wings (1973) nobody wrote pop love songs in the 70's like the former Beatle.

My Man-Eagles (1972) from the album "On The Border" comes this tribute to the late Gram Parsons from his friend Bernie Leadon. In my opinion the Eagles became less interesting when Leadon left and they moved away from their country-rock roots