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A Basketball Lifer Returns

by Tom King

The Detroit Pistons have hired Stan Van Gundy as their new head coach and director of basketball operations. He's been a tv commentator for a couple of years but really belongs on the bench directing a team. He's one of those guys that just looks right diagramming plays or working the officials. He's a rumpled guy that doesnt care about being a fashion plate on the sidelines. He's just a basketball guy. He's a coach's kid and a hoops star in California back in the late 70's and moved up the college coaching train including a stop in Madison as an assistant to Stu Jackson and one year as head coach for the Badgers that didnt turn out so well. I heard a story that he only lasted one year at Wisconsin because some of the long time season ticket holders behind the bench didnt care for his profane way of stating things during a game. He was let go and Wisconsin hired Dick Bennett and started their resurgence. Van Gundy headed to the pros in Miami and Orlando where he never had a losing record as a head coach. He takes over a Piston team that is riddled with malcontents and has underachieved for years. Detroit out-bid Golden State for the services of Van Gundy and I don't think it will take him very long to whip the Pistons into shape and make them a playoff contender again.

The Brewers welcomed Ryan Braun back to the line-up last night and started the series with a win over the Pirates. They play again tonight on WSAU at 6:35.

I hooked up a new turntable and speakers at home last night so I can once again listen to my massive record collection. I havent listened to the records in years because I fell in love with my I-Pod. Obviously its great to have 27,000 songs in a device the size of a cigarette pack...but there is something about the nostalgia of putting an album on the turntable...reading the liner notes...listening to a whole album as opposed to one song at a time...and enjoying the full rich sound you get from vinyl that cd's or mp3's just can't match.

Songs of The day (from my I-pod & my record collection)

Happy Birthday to David Byrne of the Talking Heads...he is 62

And She Was-Talking Heads (1985) the Heads were a perfect meld with the 80's jump in video technology...from the Little Creatures LP

Take Me To The River-Talking Heads (1978) from their seminal album "More Songs About Buildings And Food" come this re-make of an old soul classic...here is a live version from their great live album & film "Stop Making Sense'. They were always a visually interesting band.