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Black Zit

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,
I dreamt about popping zits on my jaw line. One was the size of a piece of elbow macaroni and shiny and black! So I asked Ryan Stiles (tall dorky actor from Whose Line is it Anyway and Two and a half Men) to help me and we ended up taking a nap together! No sex just snuggles! WTF?! - Katherine, Chicago, IL

Lauri: It seems you are trying to rid yourself of something unpleasant in waking life... something you fear may make you look bad. The pimple is on the jaw line so it may have to do with articulating what you need to say to squash this pesky issue. Ryan Stiles is another clue. Do you need to figure out Whose Line Is It Anyway? Is it your turn to speak up or are you waiting for someone else to make the move? Or is this a situation that involves Two Men? Or Two Men and a younger man? I also think the nap suggests that you really need to put this to rest already and in order to do so, you may need to approach it with a sense of humor (another reference to Ryan). Oh! He's also a very tall man so maybe you need to be "the bigger man" here.

Katherine replies: I recently re-connected with a guy from college then realized we have NOTHING in common. But he is now waiting patiently for me to fall for him. In the meantime I have connected with another guy I went to high school with but we are doing the "I like you but won't tell you I like you” dance. In my heart I know I need to tell college guy that nothing is going to come of "us" and I need to tell high school guy, "Hey, do you want to try dating? If not, go away." But instead I just sit quietly. And it doesn't help that I still think about my ex-fiancé CONSTANTLY! Understanding this dream I now know what I should do.

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