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How To Get Sued By A Football Team

by Terry Stevens

Terry Stevens is a professional radio advertising copywriter and radio host for Midwest Communications in Wausau, Wisconsin.  His copywriting and production work have won several awards from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association over the years.  The following opinion does not necessarily represent that of his employer.  However, seeing as they've made plenty of dough from Terry's work, they may be inclined to agree with him. 

Football season is here, and with it, a whole bunch of advertising opportunities for your business.

Just be careful how you word those ads of yours.  This video will help:

If you have any questions about how to make sure your ads are legal, and effective, feel free to give me a buzz at 715-842-1672, or e-mail terry.stevens@mwcradio.com.  Our conversation will be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.