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Batman actors salute San Francisco's "Batkid"

by Greg Belfrage

It was nearly impossible this weekend to miss the story of San Francisco's "Batkid". 

Five-year-old Miles Scott has been battling leukemia for most of his life. Thousands of volunteers helped Make-A-Wish turn San Francisco into Gotham City on Friday as Miles chased down the Riddler, captured the Penguin and was given a key to the city by the mayor.

Access Hollywood spoke to Christian Bale about the "Batkid". They also asked his thoughts on Ben Affleck's casting as the next Batman...

Access Hollywood interview with Christian Bale

Affleck tweeted about Batkid's heroics in San Francisco...

And one of Bat-fandom's most beloved actors, Adam West, saluted Miles on his Facebook page.

Miles Scott as "Batkid" - Rueters photo

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