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Searching for Teams

by Craig Mattick

It's interesting to see what the Indoor Football League is doing.  The IFL is comprised of 9 teams, playing indoor football from February to July.  Teams are located in South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Washington and Colorado.

Last week, the IFL was in Bemidji, Minnesota looking for investors to play in the Sanford Center. Today, officials from the IFL are in Fargo, North Dakota, doing the same thing...looking for investors to have a team play in the Scheels Arena.

Chris Kokalis, General Manager of the IFL's Cedar Rapids Titans, is also the chairman of the league's expansion committee.  Kokalis says the league really likes the venues in Bemidji and Fargo.  Kokalis says the trips are very preliminary.  "No promises have been made and nothing has been set in stone."  He also said,  "We have to secure local ownership for the franchise first and foremost."

So why news conferences in two towns if they don't have anyone to be the owners?

It seems to me the IFL is using the media and a "news" conference to get the word out they want investors to come forward and start a franchise in Bemidji and Fargo.  They apparently have no leads. They have met with the representatives of the venues in those two great towns, but that's it.

Where is the next stop on the "help-us-find-a-town, please"  tour?

Let me help the IFL.  

If you've got some extra cash and want to get a franchise in your town, go to the IFL website, goifl.com....or call them at 1-800-WE-REALLY-NEED-SOME-TEAMS.