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Washed up or no....you decide

by Jason Miller

There is a report out there that the Milwaukee Bucks are interested in the once great, "The Truth" aka Paul Pierce.  The Bucks would send Richard Mbah A Moute & a 2nd rd pick to Boston.  At first glance you might think to your self, hey great deal.  Or you may think, wait Paul Pierce there was just talk about him retiring and now my team, the Bucks want him.  What for a year or two.  They are not Paul Pierce away from making a run in the East or for a Championship.  But this would bring a big name into the puzzle and possibly lure another big name the year after and now we are "cooking with peanut oil", thank you Mr. Phil from Duck Dynasty.  Sorry folks only in the movies.  Here is what will have to happen for another big name to come to Milwaukee.  First Paul Pierce has to get to Milwaukee.  Second he then needs to put an organization on his old ass back and carry them to the playoffs.  Well what about Jennings, great young guy but doesn't show up in big games.  What about, what about, we can do that all day but Paul Pierce comes to Milwaukee those other guys need to step up.  Third the coach, Larry Drew needs to make sure the others know, this is Pierce's team and I just don't know if he has that in him.  Lastly, they need to win.  They need to make it to the Conference Championship round and then a big name will want to come and play with Pierce and Jennings and Sanders.  

Don't get your hopes up folks...but on the other hand if it does happen...OH BOY!!