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Visiting Side of things keys to the game

by Jason Miller

20 minutes till kickoff and we have more snow starting to fall here at Lambeau.  The field here at Lambeau looks like it's been snowing and that there has been a tarp on the field for some time.  The field has a brownish glow to it.  The teams are running pre-game drills and they seem to be running cautiously and the QBs are actually throwing pretty well despite the cold.  If it comes down to QB play you have give the advantage to the Steelers, or do you?  I say it's a push.  I'm not putting Flynn in the category of Big Ben but this weather will be factor.  For instance, Big Ben is warming up with sweatpants on while Flynn is in normal attire.  Let's stay with the offense.  Will Bell for the Steelers out run Packers RB Lacy?  No is my simple answer.  

To the defense we shall go, through the snow to the QBs they shall go.  Both defenses are to say the least similar in scheme but the big difference will be how Clay and Perry play today.  Actually how all the LBs play for both teams.  Advantage there Packers.  Here is my key to the game.  Can Capers make changes during the first half and not wait till the second half.  Because the great Dick LeBeau will no doubts about that.  If everything goes well and all things equal, the Packers will win.  My pick is 23-17 Packers.

From the Visiting Side of Things reporter, I'm Jason Miller