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Packers beat Lions and make it 23 in a row

by Jason Miller

It's that time again, with a home game here in Green Bay, we have this from the Visiting Side of Things. Your Visiting Side of Things brings some pictures and a special look into the Lions locker-room.  Here is one thing I learned about the Lions.  The team is a class act, the reporters not so much.  I don't know if they just can't stand coming to Lambeau/Green Bay and watching the team they cover lose?  They weren't mean but just edgy.  But enough about that, lets get into the Visiting Side of Things with some pics from a point of view you don't get to see at home.

First up, Lambeau Field Parking lot right before kick off:

Milwaukee crowd, where you at?  Please don't be like all the other "Big Cities" and wait to come until the National Anthem is over.  But I move on...

Next up is after the game on the main level, there is an area that players, media and medical staff go through.  Speaking of going through, here is a picture of some players, one specific, Bryan Bulaga:

Next we go into the media room and wait.  But while I wait, I take a fews pic, first up is the Lions backdrop:

Yes it just sits on there and then when Coach and players are done they take it down and pack it away for the flight home.  Next up, we have this special box called a Malt Box where we plug our recording devices in:

Then ever wonder what it's like looking at the camera's when you are on the podium:

Now trust me there were more that showed up but lets be honest, this is not something I would enjoy looking at.  Next up is Lions QB, Matthew Stafford:

Hey Mat, would it have killed you to wear some shoes.  Come back as I will have a video of Stafford's comments.  After Matthew was done, they opened the locker-room so this is one post without the coaches picture.  But I am not a big fan of Coach Schwartz so...oh well.  Next up going into the locker-room.  

Yeah it's a maze and we have to go through some doors that just don't make sense unless you know this.  If you go through this door you can either go to the field or to the visiting locker-room and that's just where I was headed.

It's never a fun experience but hey someone has to do it.  So I had the chance to get some sound from this guy....

Sorry Lion's fans, but isn't weird how the clock behind him has zeros on it?  As I mentioned with Stafford, there will be some video of Bush, we just need to make that happen so look for that later.

After all is said and done, the players for the Lions were all very cool.  But they were also very somber.  Better luck next Lions, or not.

From your Visiting Side of Things reporter, I'm Jason Miller