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From Rainy Lambeau...

by Jason Miller

It's the Visiting side of things reporter, Jason Miller from a rainy Lambeau Field.  I have the great ability to get you information hopefully before you hear it on the TV/Radio.  We are an hour and a half away from kickoff and of note the only guys out there are Crosby and Matsay.  So what does that mean, it raining yo.  Usually on a sunny day this place has a couple thousand in it, but right now a few hundred is generous and most are the helpers who go out and catch punts, kicks and are running around trying to get the communications between coaches on the field to those up in the booth.  Even with the rain, it's a great place to be and here is where I came in this morning:

Here are my keys to the game.  The weather is going to be key.  If the rain continues this game will have to be won on the ground and I don't know if the Packers can win that battle.  We are again going to ask a rookie and a second year guy to protect the Packers QB with un-friendly conditions on the field.  Here could be a positive...the defense will slip too.  Will today be the day that the Packers wake up that running game that has starved them for so long?  Will Rodgers be able to dabble in some play action and carve up this defense of Washington?  Yes, yes and yes...I see only one way this game is lost by the Packers and I will NOT mention it in writing, thinking about it hurts me.  Lacy will have a huge game, which will lead to a great game by the Green Bay Packers.  It will be a great site to see RG III and will be great to see him leave this field with a loss.  I will get you injury reports as soon as I get them and look for more pics from behind the scene, after the game.  GO PACK GO!!!!