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Ryan Braun asserted that Dino Laurenzi was an Anti-Semite; Cubs fan.

by Jon Henseler

(you don't just overcook a urine sample Dino....)

Boy the more days go by the more Ryan Braun's scumbag level goes up and up doesn't it? Every day a new story comes out that makes you like him less. I mean I don't dilike him as much as I disliked Scar from the Lion King when I was a kid but he is entering Skeletor territory and is bordering on Shredder levels of disdain. By the time this whole thing is done he's looking at douche times infinity* at a minimum. And yesterday he took it a step closer when it came out that he contacted a bunch of MLB players during his successful appeal of his 2011 testosterone test asking for their support and claiming that his sample collector was an anti-Semite and a Cubs fan. Now we'll leave what's worse for a different blog on a different day but really Ryan? That's what it's come to? You were busted for testosterone use and in order to acquit yourself you throw a normal, everyday dude under the bus? What else was Dino an anti-Dentite? Did he not give you an extra life in Candy Crush? It's just insane how every week a new piece of evidence comes out that makes him look worse. Just when I think you couldn't get any dumber you do something like this and TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!

Now again, at the end of the day, I'm a Brewer fan. And presumably Ryan Braun is going to be a Brewer player for a long time. So in that regard I 'root' for him because I root for the Brewers to win. And believe me, I don't live in a glass house. I've lied and made plenty of mistakes in my life. I'm 94% sure I've never called anyone an anti-Semite but I'm 100% sure I've accused people of being Cubs fans. I guess it just sucks that in the span of 18 months we went from this franchise cornerstone, future HOFer to a guy regularly mentioned with Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds.

PS: Braunie could go a LONG way toward redeeming himself if his at-bat music in 2014 was this; say hello to the bad guy!