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Twins 4 month update

by Nikki Montgomery

Our twins, Zoey and Kenzie are 4 months old and they're doing great. Zoey is rolling over from front to back and getting close to rolling from back to front. Kenzie is almost rolling over both ways, but just hasn't quite gotten it yet. They are both lifting their heads up well during tummy time, smiling a lot, cooing and making consonant sounds. They respond to sounds and follow things with their eyes so they're right on track for their development. 

Twins are typically small when they're born, but usually catch up in size to singletons pretty quick. My twins were actually pretty big for twins when they were born, Zoey was 6lbs 1oz and Kenzie was 5lbs 11oz which is pretty close to the low end of a normal singleton (6 to 8 pounds is normal). The twins are on the size chart, but just barely in Kenzie's case. She is in the 5th percentile for her length, the 2nd for her weight and the 5th for her head size. Zoey is in the 10th percentile all around, which is were Mia was up until she turned 2. Kenzie is 23 1/4 inches long and 11lbs 5oz. Zoey is 23 1/2 inches long and 12lbs 7oz. 

The next big milestone is starting solid foods. When Mia was a baby we were told to wait to introduce solid foods until she was 6 months old. That was a new thing at that point because before that they suggested between 4 and 6 months. Now they say that starting solid foods too early can cause childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes. Since we don't want to subject our twins to either of those I think we'll be waiting until 6 months. Though we did start Mia on cereal at 5 1/2 months because she was showing a lot of interest in food. Obviously start with cereal first then move to veggies and fruits and it's recommended to wait to move on to meat until 10 months. 

I made my own baby food when Mia was a baby. I only bought food if we were traveling because it didn't need to be refrigerated. We went to Maine when Mia was 8 or 9 months old so convenience was important. The great thing about making my own baby food is that I know what's in it and I can freeze it for up to 3 months. I can make big batches at a time and freeze it. Although I learned that you can't do that with avocado. If anyone knows of any tricks to freeze avocado please let me know. I will probably start making vegetables and freezing them pretty soon. Now that I have a big freezer in the garage I can fill it up with baby food. 

I learned with Mia that babies usually do better with food if you mix it with breast milk because it has a familiar taste and smell. So instead of pureeing vegetables with a bunch of water try adding in breast milk instead or in combination with water. If you're formula feeding you can use formula instead of breast milk with the same result. You only need to do this until your baby starts eating these foods more regularly and they do a better job with it.  Of course they start out spitting everything out because they're learning to use their tongue in a different way.

To make my baby food I use the baby bullet, then I freeze the food in their freezer container and when it's frozen I pop them out (it's a flexible container) and put the frozen food in a large freezer bag and label it with what the food is, the date it was made and the size of the chunks. I use a smaller flexible freezer container when the babies are small because they usually only eat an ounce at a time. Then when they start eating more I move up to the one that came with the baby bullet because its 2.5oz. If you don't have the baby bullet and don't want to go buy one. You can use a regular blender and an ice cube tray with a lid. Standard ice cube trays are about an ounce. I burned out my regular blender so that's when I caved and bought the baby bullet.

People ask me between working full time and being a mom how can you make your own baby food. I enjoy doing it. I take a couple hours on a weekend and make a bunch of it and you don't have to stand over it the whole time. You put it on the stove to boil or in the steamer to steam then you just blend it up and pour it in your freezer container and leave it over night. It's really very easy, much cheaper and healthier than buying baby food at the store. 

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