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Must haves for Multiples

by Nikki Montgomery

I've been doing some research on the items I'll need two of and the things I might be able to skate by with just one. 

After reading many blogs and lots of magazine articles here's my list of Multiples Must Haves:

  • 1 crib per baby, but twins can share a crib for a few months
  • At least 3 changes of sheets per crib
  • At least 3 blankets per baby of different weights
  • At least a dozen pacifiers
  • At least 16 bottles
  • At least 4 swaddler sleep sacks per baby
  • Disposable diapers 10-15 per day per baby
  • Double stroller
  • Pack-n-Play
  • A swing for each baby
  • A high chair per baby
  • A bouncy chair per baby
  • Lots and lots of clothes
  • Lots and lots of sleep and plays
  • 1 tub because you can't bathe more than one newborn at a time
  • Lots and lots of towels and wash clothes
Any moms of multiples want to chime in? Comment below
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