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Baby Dies from Sleeping in a Car Seat

by Nikki Montgomery

Do not leave your baby sleeping in a car seat outside the car. You've probably been advised of that before from your doctor or if you took an infant safety class, but you've probably done it. You carry the car seat in the house and your baby is soundly sleeping. You don't want to wake the baby so you just leave them in the car seat. 

A babysitter in Utah learned the hard way that you can't do that. The 15 month old she was caring for was left sleeping in a car seat and after a while she went to check on the baby and found her unresponsive. This case is still under investigation. Read the full story here .

What happens when an infant is left sleeping in an infant carrier is that their head is at an odd angle or tilted forward which can block the airway causing the baby to suffocate. Another reason not to leave the baby sleeping in a car seat is much less severe, but still can cause long term problems. The curvature of the spine can be affected from long periods of being in a car seat. 

These risks of course are nothing compared to not using the proper car seat. Car seats save lives. Not only do you need to have the proper car seat, but it needs to be installed correctly. We had our car seats checked at the police department in Rothschild, but you can get them checked at your local AAA office or a number of other places. You can ask your doctor for a recommendation.

If you are in an accident even the most minor accident you should replace your car seat. The plastic can be compromised even in a fender bender.

Ministry Health Care offers a number of classes to teach new parents these important infant safety tips. Visit Ministry Health Care's calendar of events  to see them.

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