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A heart bursting with love

by Nikki Montgomery

Mia loves being a big sister. At 2 years old and having 2 baby sisters it wouldn't be unexpected for her to be jealous and act out, but instead she loves the babies so much sometimes we worry she is going to smother them with hugs. Often when Josh and I are busy doing something, the babies will start fussing and we'll hear Mia start singing to them or "reading" them a story. When the babies stop crying she yells, "I did it!"

The other day I had Zoey sitting up using my legs to balance her so Mia saw this as an opportunity to come give her a hug. It was so cute. Zoey loved it. In fact, whenever Mia is nearby the babies watch her and smile, especially if Mia looks at them or talks to them.

Last night Kenzie had one of those blowouts that required a bath. Zoey was sleeping downstairs and I went up stairs to give Kenzie a bath. Mia came up to help and when we were done I laid Kenzie down in the middle of my bed while I changed my wet shirt. Mia climbed up and laid down right next to Kenzie and said softly, "I like you baby." It's moments like these that make my heart melt.

We are unbelievably lucky with all three of our girls. My mom once told me that she loves her family so much that her heart hurts. It sounds strange, but it's true. There are times I look at my daughters and my heart fills with so much love it feels like it may burst. You know the feeling I'm talking about?I will never be able to tell them how much I love them and they won't understand until they have their own children, but I hope they always feel loved.

I worry that there are a lot of kids who are missing that feeling. School shootings/stabbings, bullying, suicides, kids hurting other kids, all these terrible things make me think they must not feel loved to act this way.

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