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UPDATE: Save Josh Hardy

by Jess Kelley

Photo Credit: Facebook Save Josh

This story broke my heart the other day. 7 year old Josh Hardy has been battling cancer since he was only 9 months old. It started with a rare form of kidney cancer then over the years, the cancer turned up in his thymus, lung, and bone marrow.

Now at the age of 7, Josh was given a bone marrow transplant which left him without much of a immune system. Then in February he was diagnosed him with an adenovirus that spread throughout his body.

Then St Jude knew of a drug called CMX001 that would help him fight off this virus, but the drug company Chimerix denied them access. After begging and pleading with the drug company and having the media go after Chimerix, they finally changed their mind. 

The drug makers decided yesterday that they will give the drug to help save Josh. At this point they will try anything to save him. 

You can see this little boy is dying and his family, friends, and St Jude are trying everything they can to make him feel better. I also read that he has been puking blood for the last couple days. They are hoping this is a miracle drug that will help Josh survive. He's been through so much since he was born but he has so much love and support on his side. 

My thoughts and Prayers are with Josh and his family. 

SAVE JOSH! Pray for Josh!

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UPDATE: 3/13/2014

Last night Josh was given the drug that is supposed to help fight the virus. 

This is what his mother had to say on his Caring Bridge Page.


UPDATE: 3/19/2014

I saw a post on SAVE JOSH Facebook page and his family posted...

"Glory to GOD the medicine is working. Before Josh took the medicine the adenovirus showed up in his blood in 250,000 log copies. Today after only 2 doses (Wed & Sat) the log copies are down to 1000! If it stays on this course, it should be gone by next Monday!!!!! "

That is wonderful news! Don't forget to get more updates on his Caring Bridge Page .