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My 20 month old son...FACE DOWN in the water...

by Corey Carter

This is Noah one of my (almost) 20 month old twin boys.  We spent last week at "Grammy & Poppa's" lake and had a scary experience.

My wife and I were on the shore watching all of our 3 kids (including our 3 1/2 year old daughter) in the water (all had life-vests on.) While she was swimming the boys were wading in water that was about up to their wastes, 10 feet or so from the shore, picking up pebbles underwater and playing with some water toys.

Well, we must have taken our eyes off Noah for about 2 seconds, and I look out and he's face down in the water. 

It's amazing how when instinct and adrenaline kick-in, how fast you move.

I had jeans and shoes on, but I was in the water in a flash...it might have been the quickest I've ever moved.

I grabbed Noah and he hadn't swallowed much water, he wasn't struggling for breath, he just choked a little and was fine, so we let them keep playing in the water, while I took my jeans and shoes off (I had swimming trunks underneath)

Both my wife and I were shaking and our hearts racing...and felt sick to our stomachs for the minutes afterwards.  Thank GOD that he was okay.  It's amazing how FAST something bad can happen with your kids in the water. 

We figured out that Noah probably just lost his balance bending over to pick up pebbles from the lake floor.

I hope this serves as a reminder of what a great thing it is to get your kids in swimming lessons as early as possible to possibly help prevent potential drowning accidents.