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Wife surprises husband with 150 pound weight loss

by Nikki Montgomery

Wife manages to keep 150 pound weight loss a secret from her husband serving overseas. When Larry Shaffer left for Afghanistan over a year ago his wife Misty weighted 300 pounds. While he was away she only sent him pictures of herself from the shoulders up so he wouldn't be able to tell how much weight she'd lost. 

When he returned she surprised him 150 pounds lighter. At first it seemed the soldier didn't recognize his wife. Larry said, "This is icing on the cake because I've been happy with the way she's looked since day one but it's something she wanted to do and she reached her goal."

The weight loss was just one surprise Misty had for her husband. While he was gone she also bought a new house which he had wanted for a long time.

See the video of Larry Shaffer's homecoming here:

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