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What is your perfection?

by Nikki Montgomery

Before convincing yourself you need to change to fit someone else's idea of perfection take a good long look at yourself in the mirror. Pick out what makes you, you.

I just read a great blog called "My 'Naked' Truth" written by a woman in her 50s. Her boyfriend told her that her body repulsed him. After hearing that, many women would be broken and make plans to change. She didn't. What she did do is something we should all do. We all have bumps and dimples and scars that we wish we didn't, but those things are part of us, not who we are.

Since having 3 babies in 2 years I have a hard time accepting the changes in my body. My c-section scar, my puffy post twins belly, my larger boobs, when I look at my kids I think to myself it's all worth it. My husband still loves me and my kids don't care that my midsection is more like a pillow than a washboard. I've accepted that I'll never again have the party girl body I had at 25 so I need to learn to love my new 34 year old, mother of 3 body.

Once you learn to love your imperfections you've found your perfection.

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