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Tired of being blind

by Nikki Montgomery

I have worn glasses since first grade. My vision is so bad the big E on the eye chart is nothing but a big black smudge to me. For a while from 8th grade through my early twenties I wore contacts most of the time, but it was all for vanity because they were never very comfortable because I have an astigmatism so they never really fit right. In my mid twenties I decided to switch back to wearing glasses because I see better in them and they are easier on my eyes.

I have a lot of pairs of glasses so I can switch up my look now and then and I love them, but I hate having to put them on in the middle of the night. 

When I was pregnant with the twins I was up in the middle of the night multiple times to got to the bathroom. It never failed if I didn't put my glasses on I would trip on something (usually my black dog) or walk into a dresser or door frame. Now that the twins are 3 months old I get up in the wee hours of the morning to feed them and always have to remember to put my glasses on first. 

The other morning Kenzie woke up at 1:30am to eat so I stumbled out of bed eyes half open and walked across the hall into the babies' room, I picked her up and realized I couldn't see a darn thing so I couldn't walk her across the room to the changing table for fear that I would run into something or worse, run her into something. So I put the screaming baby back down in her crib and had to go back to my room. On my way back in I shoulder checked the door frame and nearly knocked myself out on the dresser beside my bed, fumbled around on the bedside shelf where I put my glasses, knocked my phone on the floor along with my glasses. The baby still crying while I was crawling around on the floor feeling around for my glasses and my phone. 

Finally I found them and all was well, but as I think back to this comedy of errors I realize how much I would like to get lasik eye surgery. My husband has mentioned using our tax return to pay for it, but we always end up finding something more important to spend that money on. 

I had a consultation once, but I was told I didn't qualify because my cornea is too thin and my astigmatism is too steep. That was years ago and I know things have changed. My dad was told the same thing the first time he had a consultation too, but he has had the surgery and it worked great for him.

Have you had it? Is it worth it?