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The most haunted island on Earth is for sale - Poveglia

by Nikki Montgomery


This Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons image is from the user Chris 73 and is freely available at //commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Panorama_of_Poveglia_(Venice)_as_seen_from_Lido.jpg under the creative commons cc-by-sa 3.0 license.

Poveglia is located right near Venice, Italy unfortunately it doesn't hold the beauty of Venice only a history of death, making it one of the most haunted places on earth.

See a map of Poveglia

Ghost hunters from all over the world have visited Poveglia and have noted ghostly encounters. Some believe that people could be harmed by these ghosts. Now the island is up for sale. With a history like this who would buy it?

The 17-acre island was once used as a dumping ground for plague victims. In the 18th century it was used to quarantine the sick and when the plague hit Italy people were delivered to the island in barges to be housed there until most eventually died.

In the 20th century a mental institution opened on the island separate from the hospital that once treated the sick and dying. The doctor there performed lobotomies on the patients. He was driven mad by the ghosts on the island and threw himself off the bell tower.

The Italian government has restricted visits to the island. However, ghost hunters have been allowed to research the island with the government's permission. Some have claimed to see the ghost of a little girl standing on the coast crying, looking across the lagoon at her home. One investigator claimed to have been possessed by a spirit on the island.

The island is up for auction. Would you bid on it?

Apparently some developer is interested in turning the old decrepit buildings into a luxury hotel. Would you be brave enough to stay there?

Here is a tour of Poveglia from the channel

SciFi did an episode of "Scariest Places on Earth" on the Island of Poveglia. Would you do this?