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Stupid cold!

by Nikki Montgomery

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Everytime I get hit with a cold I lose my voice right at the tail end. It sucks. It's not just that I get a little froggy for a day I actually full out lose my voice and struggle with a weak or a froggy voice for a few days. Yesterday was my absolutely no voice day. Today I'm forcing a weak one. It just really sucks. 

I stayed home yesterday to try to rest it and nurse it back to health drinking tea with honey, lots of water, and cough drops. I even tried gargling with warm salt water which one of our listeners suggested, but that just made me gag. I tried 3 times before giving up. It was at that point I decided I wasn't even going to think of trying the bite on garlic remedy. Unfortunately none of this brought my voice back to full power, but it certainly made it better. 

I searched online today for other suggestions to get my voice back and this is an article I found Losing Your Voice: 5 Myths for Remedies. I found it interesting that the most common remedy I've heard is actually a myth. Tea is not a good choice because it's acidic and could cause acid reflux, which I certainly don't need any help with at 8 1/2 months pregnant with twins.

I lose my voice every time I get a bad cold so I wonder if I should talk to a doctor about having my tonsils out or does one not have anything to do with the other?