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No Media Mondays

by Nikki Montgomery

We are slaves to media these days. Think about it if you forget your phone you probably feel naked. While you're on your computer at work you're hitting that refresh button on your e-mail because the messages just don't come in fast enough. You are constantly checking Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Everyone has a camera, a video camera, a phone, the internet and a handheld gaming system right in their pockets. Cellphones, tablets, TVs, computers they've all taken over our lives and are killing our communication and even damaging our relationships. We miss so much of the world because we're literally addicted to our devices. 

My friend and her husband have started this thing they call No Media Mondays where they totally disconnect. They turn off their cell phones, computers, tablets, TVs and yes even the radio and talk. That's right they talk to each other. You can't imagine the conversations you'll have when you actually just sit and talk. Think of all the fun things you can make time for with your kids when you're not interrupted by the buzz of an email coming in or sucked into your TV screen. You can do crafts, paint, color, bake, read stories, play a game, play outside whatever. 

You can't go through your workday without using your computer or your phone, but at home just turn everything off and enjoy each other's company. The most productive kids have grown up eating family dinners, without TV, answering the question, "So what did you learn today?"