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New pixie hairstyle

by Nikki Montgomery

The thing I love most about having short hair is that there are so many different styles to try. The thing I hate is that it grows out of shape so fast! 

Friday I went from this:

To this:

I got home and my loving husband said, "Ooh I like it. You it shows you aren't a boring mom." I guess that's a compliment. I love this style because it's easy to do and it's fun. I like a hairstyle that matches my personality. Wednesday I'm going to make it even more fun by adding red hair color. 

There was a time I never thought I would cut my hair this short. I went to a pixie when I chopped my long locks during our St. Jude radiothon two years ago. I donated it for a wig. I thought that I would just cut it off and grow it out again right away, but my tune changed when I started finding all sorts of adorable pixie cuts and when I realized how much easier short hair is when you've got babies. I may never go long again.