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Mistresses on ABC

by Nikki Montgomery

Alyssa Milano returns to TV in the new summer show Mistresses which premiered last night on ABC. Based on the content of the show I originally thought there's no way this show would fly, but after watching it it's kind of good. I thought the show was about 4 friends who all happened to be mistresses and thought well that's completely unrealistic. 

One of the characters, April, lost her husband 3 years ago and she's convinced his ghost is keeping her from moving on. Her friend, Joss, is trying to get her to date, but she's not ready.

Joss is sleeping with her boss to get ahead in her career.

Joss's sister, Savvy (Alyssa Milano), and her husband are dealing with fertility issues. And that is causing problems in her marriage. She has a very flirty coworker that could weasel his way in.

Another friend, Karen, is a therapist that had an affair with one of her patients who recently died. Her guilt is catching up with her when his son approaches her to help him find the woman his father was having an affair with.

All in all the story lines are so good they somewhat overshadow the moral issues.

Did you happen to watch the show? What did you think?