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Is this beautiful?

by Nikki Montgomery

I got the September issue of Marie Claire yesterday and right on the contents page and throughout the magazine there are pictures of these two emaciated models. Sunken in eyes, sunken cheeks, twigs for legs and bony arms. 

These are the women that our pre-teen and teenage girls are seeing in magazines. These are the girls the designers are trying to tell us are beautiful. These are the girls our girls want to look like? 

I showed the magazine to my husband and the multiple pages of pictures of these two models and said "I think they look like druggies." He agreed and followed up by saying, "We need to make sure our girls are confident and happy with who they are even if they're not 90 pounds." 

As parents that's our job I guess to make sure that our kids grow up to be strong and confident individuals, but that's easier said than done when pictures like this are gracing magazines across the shelves at the grocery store. 

Tyra Banks is my favorite example of a model. She was naturally tall and thin and was actually bullied over it when she was young. She decided to become a model because she thought it was the only place she'd fit in. Eventually she started to mature and get a more feminine shape. She was told once in France by a designer that she was too fat. Instead of starving herself to make herself fit the designer's idea of what's beautiful she found a new gig. That's when she was discovered by Victoria's Secret. Her curves were perfect for their catalog and she became one of the most famous Victoria's Secret models ever. And her career has blossomed from there.

I remember watching something on tv once where a designer said the reason they choose the girls they do for the runway is because they're looking for hangers for their clothes. The clothes are the showcase not the girls wearing them so if the girls are too attractive people won't look at the clothes.