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House payment or Prom?

by Nikki Montgomery

Okay now that proms are over it's time to address the ridiculous cost! When I was in high school it was expensive to go to prom yes, but now it is bank busting! A survey found that the average teen plans to spend $1,139 on prom including dresses, transportation and dinner. 

If you're a parent of a teenage girl and you've been shopping for prom dresses you've seen that the prices are insane! Some dresses are priced as high as $600! That's more than my mom paid for all my prom and homecoming dresses combined! The most expensive dress I ever wore was the one I got for homecoming court and that was just over $100. Either I'm a really good bargain hunter or prices have just gone up that much. I'm going to say it's a combination of both. 

Right now prom dresses are on sale all over the web for 75 to 80% off so maybe it's a good time to shop for next year's dress and maybe you won't have to take out a loan to pay for it. 

When you have a daughter on top of the dress you also have to budget for hair, nails, sometimes makeup, jewelry and shoes. Some girls even insist on tanning before the big event. If you have a son you're paying for the limo and dinner on top of a high priced tux rental. 

I have been in my share of weddings and being a bridesmaid doesn't cost this much! 

Do you think it's crazy to spend this much money on one night?