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Chiropractors do wonders

by Nikki Montgomery

I have had pain in my back for many years and I suffered from pretty severe headaches when I was younger and occasionally through my adult life. I don't like relying on painkillers to make it through a day. 

When I was in high school I started seeing a chiropractor to try to manage my headaches and it worked! My headaches happened less often and were less severe as long as I got regular adjustments. Some people would say, "See that's how they getcha. You have to keep going back they don't fix anything." When you're talking about a spine which is a series of joints that move constantly throughout the day it is likely to get knocked out of alignment. Maintenance appointments are usually once a month. When you first start seeing a chiropractor they will have you come in more often to get adjusted so your muscles can get used to how you're spine is supposed to be set. 

Our insurance doesn't cover chiropractic anymore so I stopped going to a chiropractor for a while. But when I was pregnant my back pain got so bad I couldn't sleep. Of course people say back pain is normal during pregnancy and especially when you're carrying twins, but I knew the pain I was experiencing was anything but normal and it could be managed with a chiropractic adjustment. I started seeing Dr. Kevin at Draeger Chiropractic in Weston. He did 2 adjustments a week for me the last month of my pregnancy. It made a world of difference. Once I had the twins I felt great, but I knew that I needed to keep going because that feeling wouldn't last. 

Since I wasn't pregnant anymore Dr. Kevin was able to do xrays to determine exactly what my issues were and how to tackle them. 

The first thing he noticed was that my vertebra in my lower back at the end of the curve are too close together. At my age that can't be from wear so it must be genetic. I've known about that since my first xrays in high school so he's right. Dr. Kevin said this is a problem that can't be fixed only maintained, but it explains the lower back pain. Without regular adjustments wear will cause the tissue between the vertebra to diminish and expose nerves which will cause more problems.

Then he pointed out that my spine slightly curves to the right in my lower back and then corrects itself between my shoulder blades. This is partially responsible for my mid back pain. The curve is not severe enough to be scoliosis so I didn't know anything about it.

Now to the main problem I've been complaining about most of my life...my headaches. Looking at my xray you can clearly see that my neck has no curve. There should be a curve matching my lower back, but mine is perfectly straight. Dr. Kevin says he's only seen this as a result of an accident at any point in my life. Anything from being pushed from behind in sports to something crashing down on top of my head. I have been in a few car accidents, I crashed motorcycles and ATVs growing up, I played every sport available to me and even as a cheerleader I was taken out from behind by the quarterback once. There is no way to pinpoint what accident caused this straight neck of mine, but Dr. Kevin says he can treat it. Again it can't be fixed, but we can ward off pain and headaches with regular adjustments.

Do you see a chiropractor? Have they helped you? In what way?

Are one of those people who thinks that chiropractors aren't real doctors?