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Arrrrg! This weather!

by Nikki Montgomery

I could go on for days about how much I am hating this weather, but I know I'm not alone so I'd just be saying everything you've already said yourself. 

I am all about winter in late November, December, January and February, but when March rolls around we better be getting at least some hints of spring. This winter we got a late start which made snowmobilers and businesses that rely on winter a little nervous. Salt wasn't flying off the shelves at the local hardware store, plow truck drivers weren't getting calls, snowmobile dealers weren't making sales and that's just to name a few. Our Wisconsin economy needs snow. 

This winter ended up being great! Lots of snow and the snowmobile trails were in excellent condition and with the exception of a couple days were open the whole winter. All those businesses I mentioned and more were doing happy dances that they finally got a winter like Wisconsin used to have. 

While some businesses are still reaping the benefits of this long drawn out winter many are ready to get moving on inventory for the next season! Sporting goods stores are ready to move tennis shoes and soccer balls, those snowmobile dealers are trying to get motorcycles off their showroom floors.

Besides the dent in the economy this slow starting spring is responsible for many road construction projects are taking longer or are being postponed. Workers are out in freezing temperatures with sleet coming down trying to fill potholes in city streets.

Not only are businesses and outside workers suffering, but people in general are having a hard time dealing with the gloomy weather. It's called Seasonal Affective Disorder and it is a type of depression linked to dreary wintery weather. I don't usually recommend tanning beds, but the artificial light could actually boost your spirits if you're suffering from SAD. Increasing your level of exercise will also help you cope. Otherwise there's always the option of a tropical vacation which I think we're all itching for right about now. 

It's time for spring! If we all keep wishing for it maybe we'll see it sooner. Keep smiling. It will be 80 and sunny before we know it.