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10 Beauty Mistakes We've All Made That Make Us Look Older

by Nikki Montgomery

Ladies over 30, you know the last thing we want to do is make ourselves look older. I know I'm guilty of some of these beauty mistakes and you probably are too.

Here's a list of 10 beauty mistakes that make us look older:

  1. Sleeping in your make up. Sometimes you're just so tired that you don't want to take that extra 5 minutes to remove your makeup, but every time you sleep in your makeup it actually ages you 7 days!
  2. Not using moisturizer or using the wrong moisturizer. You should be applying moisturizer morning and night. Some of you may think that you don't need to because your face is oily. WRONG! If your face is oily it's creating excess oil to make up for the lack of moisture. Putting on moisturizer regularly will probably help eliminate that excess oil. Keeping your skin hydrated will also ward off wrinkles. Using the right moisturizer for your skin type is also very important. If you have oily skin you should be using a moisturizer formulated for oily skin. If you have dry skin use a moisturizer for dry skin. If you have that super common combination skin that is dry in your cheeks but oily in the T-zone use a moisturizer for combination skin.
  3. Not drinking enough water. Water is important to the health of your skin. You should drink lots of water to keep your skin nice and plump.
  4. Washing your hair everyday. Your hair will be healthier and more manageable if you don't wash it everyday. A little oil buildup is actually good for your hair. If your hair is too oily near your scalp use a dry shampoo to soak it up. The combination of washing your hair every day and stripping it of oil then adding styling tools and products can make your hair dry and brittle which in turn makes you appear older.
  5. Ignoring your neck. Your neck is just as important as your face in the aging department. You should use the same cleanser and moisturizer on your neck as you use on your face to avoid getting that turkey neck.
  6. Putting on moisturizer and makeup willy nilly. There is a proper way to put on moisturizer and makeup. You always work from the middle of your face and work it outward and upward. Always move your hands in the direction you want your face to go. You don't want your cheeks to sag so never pull the moisturizer or foundation down your face. When applying moisturizer around your eyes always use your ring finger and pat it on never rub it in. The skin around your eye is very delicate so you never want to stretch it. You only need a little. Pat it on from the inside out and always apply it to the outside of your eye out to your temple to fight those nasty crows feet. When you apply moisturizer to your lid always work the moisturizer up toward your brow.
  7. Using shimmer. Shimmery makeup will draw attention to wrinkles. Stick to matte makeup or use shimmer sparingly.
  8. Wearing makeup on your lower lid. Wearing makeup on your lower lid makes you look older. Especially thick black eyeliner. You have a few choices here; choose a neutral eyeliner and keep it close to your lashes, ditch the lower lid eyeliner completely and just use mascara, or to look even younger ditch the mascara on the lower lid too.
  9. Wearing dark lipstick. Wearing dark lipstick is not a good choice as you age because it will seep into those little wrinkles around your lips. Stick to a neutral lip or a nice pink or coral gloss. Those tinted lip balms are a great choice too.
  10. Using a straw. You may think that using a straw to drink your Diet Coke is better because then it won't stain your teeth, but in reality using a straw causes you to purse your lips and that causes more wrinkles around your mouth.

Do you have any more beauty secrets to share? Comment below.