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Movie Review: Monsters University

by Dan Gunderson

I went to see Monsters University for this weekend’s movie review. A G rated film that is played off as a prequel to the 2001 Monsters Inc. Essential, we find out how Mike Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal) and James “Sully” Sullivan (voiced by John Goodman) became good friends.

Sully and Wazowski start off as rivals in college as both try to establish themselves in the scare program. After failing the freshman scare program entry exam, they are kicked out of the major and forced to band together to get back into their chosen field.

If you are questioning why I would go and review a kid’s movie after having a two week layoff from reviews, you only need to know what company created this movie. The people at Disney's Pixar Studios are great. They could take any topic and make you want to go see it.

It is an easy enough plot and the setting of the movie works. The kids that go to this movie just want to see a bunch of goofy monsters doing goofy cartoon things. The adults that have to suffer through hundreds of hours of garbage kid’s television and movies just need something they can relate to when watching kid movies. Adults can relate to college.

I was curious to find out how they were going to work around the “coming of age” activities that happen in college. The greatest thing about college is the freedom you feel and Pixar didn’t shy away from it.

In college, staying up late, going to house parties and doing whatever it is you didn’t get to do while living with your parents for so many years is included in the storyline. Pixar was able to include those elements without taking away from the innocence of the children watching.

The movie is a bit long for a children’s movie with it coming just under two hours long and this movie doesn’t have the same type of clamor about it that Toy Story or the first Monsters movie did. It is, however, probably the best kid’s movie you will see this summer.

It is entertaining for all ages, no matter if you have kids or not. I’ll fully admit I’m a Pixar fan boy but their last two movies, Cars 2 and Brave, were misses. This movie is a way to re-establish what I believe they set out to do and that is make quality family movies that are entertaining for everybody.

Final Note: With every Pixar movie, there is a short they produce before the feature film. Examples of this are For the Birds with the small birds on the wire and the one big bird ruining their fun and One Man Band with two guys trying to entertain a small child for her coin. The one that appeared before Monsters University, Blue Umbrella, stunk. It was a love story between two umbrellas that had everyone in the theater thinking, “Boy. I really hope the movie is better than that.” Rare miss on Pixars part.

Rating: 3 Stars

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