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Hope I have that much energy in my 70s!

by Laura Bradshaw

Well- when in doubt... and out of weapons... throw your DENTURES!!!!  A 71 year old Pittsburgh man angered that his driveway was blocked from an accident and someone trying to help the people involved in the accident.  

Police got to the scene and found this guy really angered and very combative.  They handcuffed him.  After he was handcuffed, he faked a HEART ATTACK (that's balsy) and the police then removed the handcuffs.  Guess what- he started fighting them AGAIN!!  

This guy does actually have a heart condition, but didn't have a heart attack, but the police thought it was a good idea to send him to the hospital to be checked out.  He was released to the police and they took him to the station.  Aaaannnddd.... proceeded to fight the police again!  This time he took out his dentures, full of chewing tobacco, I might add, and threw them at the police along with his wrist watch.  Dude!!!  

He's being charged on multiple counts including resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, assault, and making terroristic threats.  

The hearing is set for Monday morning.  Maybe he'll get a new pair of dentures.  

Photo credit: KDKA