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Busted! Parenting Is Fun!

by Mojo Sideshow

Being a parent is a lot of work.  Being a parent keeps you entertained by some of the stuff that your kids do, especially when they lie and think they are smarter then you.

My wife noticed that our daughter's hair was "cut".  She asked our daughter if she cut her hair.  Our daughter said, "No" and became defensive.

Upon further investigation my wife found the "hair" she "didn't cut".  She didn't find it in the trash, on our daughter's dresser or in the sink (places one might think you would find it).  My wife saw the "hair" in question sticking out on top of our medicine cabinet.  WTF?  

When confronted by the finding our daughter "fessed up".  When asked why she cut it she answered, "because it was in my way".

The funny thing about this is that she must have thought she was in "hot water" because of the lengths she went to to get rid of the hair (getting a stool to hoist herself up onto the sink to put it on top of the medicine cabinet).  

Once again, parents are always smarter then their kids.  I'm just glad she didn't crack her head open trying to pull this off.