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The Adventures of my Barbie Doll!!!!

by Cindy Rippe

I know I'm a little weird. Most people in radio are! I have had my Barbie since I was 7 years old. I'm not going to give away my age, but she's been around the block a time or two. In the last several years I've taken her to many places and documented it. Yesterday we just got back from a vacation to St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands, and of course I took her with me. It got me to thinking about all the places and things she has done, and I thought it would be fun to share Barbie's adventures with you! 

This was Barbie's first trip she ever took out of the country! She went to the Island of St. Kitts in 2008. She even has a passport! My friend thought she needed some new clothes, so she bought her this cute outfit! (She hadn't had new clothes for over 30 years!) This is her ready to head to the airport. 


This is Barbie just getting ready to go to The Farmer's Market when she lived in Springfield, Missouri. She has her strawberry leggings on in hopes to find fresh strawberries!


This was Barbie's 2nd trip. She went to The Riviera Maya in Mexico! She's sipping a nice island cocktail here. 


Here's Barbie with an issue of a local magazine.  She sent it in to the magazine in hopes of making the cover. It didn't happen. Poor Barbie! Always out for fame!


This is when she was planning for her second trip to St. Kitts, in the West Indies. I told her that boots really were'nt  a good look for the beach. She never listens to me!!


OH NO! Barbie was over-served!!!!! Bad Barbie!!!! 


Here she is re-hydrating after that crazy night last night!! Whew!!! A little water, a mimosa  and coffee. 


Laying out in the sun. She's not feeling too well after last night. A day in the sun will make it all better. UH OH! Her glasses are a bit crooked. 


Another day on the beach in St. Kitts!!! That's the Island of Nevis in the background. It's in the British West Indies.  


This was taken last year. It was a road trip to Kentucy for a friend's wedding. She likes to ride shot-gun, because she insists on controlling the radio. She really loves Blake Shelton--watch out Miranda!! 


This was taken in Des Moines, Iowa. Happy hour. I hope she can behave!!!  


No such luck. She is ALWAYS the life of the party!!! 


This was taken this last Christmas, having a little Holiday fun!!  She has this thing for Elves! 


She likes to come to work with me. She wants to talk on the air, but never really has anything to say.  


She got tired of the Elf. Now her latest taste in men are movie star cowboys!!! 


The cowboy broke her heart. She had to get away and forget about that relationship. This was taken last week in St. Thomas  


On a boat headed for the British VIrgin Islands. So excited!!! She's so glad she brought her passport, or she wouldn't be able to go there! 


Just soaking a little Caribbean sun!! ahhhhhh!!!! It's great to be Barbie!!!!  


The last leg of her vacation last week. She found a private island on St. John!!! She's getting ready to build a Barbie Dream House Sand Castle!  


That's the adventures of my Barbie! There's many more to come!