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HODAG: Don't forget these THREE things!!!

by Bryan Scott

BS and Vanessa asked you what THREE THINGS we must bring with us to Hodag. Here is what you said...

And the list from texts...

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and tickets
  • Alcohol, Tylenol and a pillow
  • cowboy hat, a cut off and beer
  • Beer, whiskey, jerky
  • Phone charger, beer, dry shampoo
  • Can cooler. Sun screen. Beer.
  • Beer, Beer, Beer
  • one pair of underwear, a pillow, and a lot of beer
  • an extra liver, source of shade, and another liver to replace your extra liver|
  • You need sunscreen, deodorant, and BEER
  • Beer, Jell-O shots and comfortable shoes.
  • Extra water 2 drink & swimsuit-sunscreen-antacid 4 hangovers.
  • Beer, booze and wine
  • 4 cases of beer minimum, vodka and bloody Mary mix, water
  • Water, sun screen and a permanent marker
  • Glow sticks- sunscreen- lg trash bags