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BS and Vanessa GEEK Out Over Kenny Rogers

by Vanessa Ryan

Day one of HODAG brought us a TON of amazing experiences and the legendary Kenny Rogers! We still can't believe we had the opportunity to interview and introduce him, needless to say, it was pretty darn cool. :)

BS and I were nervous to interview Kenny, I mean, what do you ask someone who's been interviewed a million times in his career that hasn't been asked before? We decided to "wing it" and just be ourselves, and in the end that was the right decision because Kenny was so sweet and genuine it turned out to be a very natural and fun interview.

I called my mom right away after to geek out with her. My parents used to listen to Kenny's music as I was growing up and I became a fan at a very young age because of them.

His show...wow! To see thousands and thousands singing along to every song, was unbelievably cool. Kenny still has it, for sure.

We are hoping to get a copy of the interview to share with you soon, so come back and check to see if it went as well as we thought it did. ;)