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Why Roller Derby Rules

by Christy Taylor

Don’t let the tattoos and crazy outfits scare you away! Roller Derby is an amazing way to stay in shape and have fun doing it!

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5 Health Benefits to Roller Derby

Roller derby requires athletes to build their strength and stay fit
Roller derby is an intense and demanding sport. Athletes who want to participate in roller derby have to make an effort to build their strength and stay in shape. Roller derby can be a very demanding and fast paced sport. For someone who isn't in shape, roller derby could be brutal. Because of this, athletes need to spend a lot of time stretching and performing strength building exercises in order to improve their performance on the track, as well as to increase their stamina and endurance.

Roller derby is a full body workout
Nearly every sport works out some muscles. Some sports work particular muscles more so than others. Roller derby, however, is a full body workout, using all of the major muscle groups. There aren't many sports that work all of the muscles groups so well, so roller derby is a good one to increase tone and build muscle all throughout the body.

Roller derby burns some serious calories
Roller derby is a very intense sport to participate in. Because of the demanding physical requirements of roller derby, the body burns more calories. This quick calories burning can be great for athletes who are looking to tone up, get rid of fat, or lose some weight. Just an hour of rollerskating can burn 300-500 calories depending on a person's weight. Roller derby is likely to burn even more calories than just typical rollerskating because of the increased physical demands and speed of the sport.

Roller derby is good for mental health
Roller derby, like most physical activity, signals the body to release endorphins. Endorphins could be thought of as the body's own natural anti-depressants or feel-good hormones. These endorphin rushes are often referred to as a "runner's high," but can result from nearly any type of sport or physical activity. Roller derby has an edge on just running or skating though. Roller derby is competitive and can give athletes frequent adrenaline rushes as they compete, something many athletes love.

Roller derby is a good aerobic workout
Participating in roller derby gives athletes a great aerobic workout, improving the strength and condition of the heart and lungs. While working out, roller derby athletes are able to get their heart pumping and their circulation flowing especially well, all of which can promote better overall health and wellness. Better heart and lung function is a benefit every athlete can enjoy.