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A Winter Workout Plan You Can Do In Front of the TV

by Christy Taylor

In these cold temps, suddenly that nice brisk walk isn’t so nice …and there’s nothing appealing about venturing out to the gym in slick conditions!

So…time to get creative at home to stay fit during the holidays! I found the perfect article online to help. 50 Body Weight Exercises That You Can Do Anywhere, at greatest.com. It explains how bodyweight exercises are a simple, effective way to improve balance, flexibility, and strength without machinery or extra equipment. It’s totally possible to get that full body work out in front of the tv!

I will say, I’ve been doing crossfit/boot camp style training for a few months now, and just about every exercise in the article is something my trainers have had us do—even when equipment was available! So I know they are proven to be effective, and the exercises are easy enough to do on your own!

Plus, they are all activities the kids can do with you like burpees and wall sits…a variety of lunges and planks. When you get the family involved you’ll be held more accountable to actually do your workout, and it’ll be a lot more fun then sweating it out alone!

Check it out, it’s 50 Body Weight Exercises That You Can Do Anywhere from greatest.com. You can also find the link at kelofm.com.